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Do you feel you are at a Crossroads in your life?

Are you feeling Confused about how to make positive changes?

Do you want to feel more Motivated and Confident?

Are you feeling Tired and Lethargic?

Would you like more Energy and Vitality?

Being aware of your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Authentic/Spiritual Self, will help prepare you to stay centered and focused which can then lead to long term success.

Empower yourself with the knowledge of who you are, know your strengths and weaknesses (fears), find your inner voice and honour that. Then no matter what lessons or obstacles life sends your way, you will be able to pin point what area of your life it affects and make some positive changes with that. 

Do not let negative, non-productive behaviours like Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Confusion, Frustration or Procrastination take control of your life.

When you neglect one area of yourself, it will affect other areas of yourself and your life. When you do things from a desperate, needy or fear based place the results will be short term and non-productive. When you operate from a place of honour and self-love, then you operate with positive energy, which can then lead to long-term success.

Here at Clarity Healing® the aim is to help assist you with finding balance and harmony within your life.

Taking a journey of discovery, and creating a more positive, less toxic environment for yourself.

It is my pleasure to join you on this Self Healing journey, with Coaching, using solution focused therapy or the amazing  Bio-Matrix Energy Healing Technique, allowing yourself to clease away years of disruption, to bring forth clarity and better health..

Allow your light to shine.. reach deeper and take charge, the ability to re-invent yourself is yours.. all you need to do is give yourself the permission to do so.

Take responsibility for your health and well-being today.
Eliminate the negative blocks in your life for good.

'As you strive to attain your own level of optimal health, you move closer to achieving your full potential in how you look, feel, in what you achieve and how you cope with life's challenges'.

 Welcome To Clarity Healing!

Clarity Healing & Bio Matrix Energy Healing Founder is Valentina Rise ~ As a Empathic, Medical and intuitive healer Valentina has assisted over 100+ people with their Healing (Creating self) process, from their medical, body, mind, and spiritual soul understanding. Valentina comes from a linage of healers and  has been working in the health, well-being and energetic healing industry for close to 10 years now.  Born with a wonderful gift of deciphering energy she is known as the energy reader.


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